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Sep 09,2022 | Latte Parents

Why doddl?

The family mealtime. At doddl, we believe in it.

The definition of the family doesn’t matter. Nor does the meal. What matters is spending time and enjoying food with the people you love.

Our products are designed to make sure you don’t have to stress about your kids attempting to eat gravy with their knife, or missing their mouth, or simply downing tools… and instead allows everybody around the table to have a positive, enriching experience.

That’s why we do it.

To make eating easy, and mealtimes as special as we know they can be.

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Spotted: exclusively used during mealtimes at preschools and feeding clinics

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Change your family mealtimes forever

You might think that ergonomic cutlery for children sounds a bit over-the-top.

And you would be right – it does sound a bit OTT.

But behind a word that’s more often associated with engineering or interior design, is a really simple idea: good design makes everything work better.

And that applies to children’s products too.

So our handles are explicitly designed for smaller hands, smooth and contoured in a way that makes it easy to control, and brilliant for eating with.

And that’s why ergonomics for children’s mealtimes isn’t over-the-top… it’s a Godsend!